Adelaide co-working spaces: Vault 134 on Hutt Street has space available for you

Working from home is great. You can enjoy the freedom of working in your PJs, taking breaks when you need to and avoiding awkward office conversations.

But working from home can also be lonely, it can stifle creativity and sometimes it's nice to have other people around you to bounce ideas off and gain some perspective on issues and challenges.

If you're looking to get away from the kitchen table and into your own space, Adelaide’s Vault 134 located on Hutt Street may have a desk for you.

Vault 134 is an organised, professional working environment splashed with vibrant colour, offering tidy office spaces with character from which to base your business operations.

The real driving force behind Vault 134’s great environment is the sense of community.

A tight-knit co-working community, Vault 134 is home to some of Adelaide’s hard-working small businesses like Expressions Media, Amy Who, Hey Boss, Rhetoric PR, Nat Rogers Photography, and Elephant Films.

Vault 134 also hosts events, gigs, networking, theatrical performances, workshops, seminars, launches, and meetings.

If you're looking for a co-working space in Adelaide where you can be surrounded by positive, creative and motivated individuals in an inspiring working environment, Vault 134 might be for you.

A creative education hub, most of the co-workers at Vault 134 will run workshops to impart their skills onto others in the community to share their knowledge and lift people up.

Our co-workers work independently, but they enjoy collaborating, sharing ideas, having lunch together when we can, and cracking a bottle of bubbly when it's time to celebrate each other's successes.

Vault 134 co-working creatives benefit from the opportunity to support each other and learn from one another every day.

From the motivational words (and in-jokes) on our whiteboard of wisdom to our spectacular tea and biscuit selection, we make every day a great day at work.

Our spaces range from hot-desking arrangements to permanent solutions.

A private hot-desk, Wi-Fi, and amenities will cost you $30 (+GST) per day and ensures a clean, sanitised, individual workspace.

Permanent desks are $100 (+GST) per week and means you can move in, set up and have 24 hour access. We've even got onsite parking.

Not only is Vault 134's hot-desking in Adelaide affordable, it always ensures a clean and tidy workspace to set up at every time you come in, helping you with your productivity and peace of mind.

Pop in and chat with us about co-working opportunities at Vault 134 and join the dynamic crew on Hutt Street.

Don't wait to start your new project or continue growing your business. Contact us today and start setting up your new office space.

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