Enjoy work: embrace an Adelaide co-working space

When you think of an 'office' - what do you picture? Potentially small, dull cubicles and white walls, boring and uncomfortable office wear, nagging colleagues and a sense of bleakness?

Well, a new way of working has entered the arena - co-working spaces.

Although we're seeing more and more co-working spaces pop up in areas around us in Adelaide, transforming old buildings and spaces into new hubs of creation and collaboration, co-working is still a rather new concept. But, there are plenty of reasons why co-working spaces are increasing significantly, and this is because workers (us) are realising that there can be a more mental health-friendly, comfortable and enjoyable place to work while earning a pay-check.

Adelaide co-working space to support mental health and community

Every day, especially with the recent societal upheaval of COVID-19, mental health in Australia is becoming a topic given more air time. As Australians found themselves locked down in their homes, loneliness becoming a much larger issue as our sense of community diminished around us almost instantly. As humans, we need social contact, and a co-working space provides this strong sense of community and support that many of us long for, especially post-lockdown.

Here at Vault 134, we are passionate about having a healthy life/work balance and we encourage communal activities, supporting each other and promote a positive and healthy work environment. We’ve even held workshops that focus on resilience and navigating personal and professional balance, which you can read about here.

A welcoming and friendly Adelaide co-working space

A lot of the time, a co-working space feels like getting the job done while surrounded by supportive and helpful friends which is a significant reliever of stress in the workplace. These people aren’t just coworkers slightly hidden via the grey cubicle walls and only seen in the stark white break room, but instead are “coworkers” who become mates to have a drink with at the end of a rough day, or assist troubleshooting problems. Your “coworkers” cute office dogs are another bonus, and make taking a break from work that much more relaxing, relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety which is great for your mental health.

Open and welcoming communal areas encourage socialisation, collaboration and support, stimulating easy participation within your co-working community. Plus, you can still retain your privacy for important Zoom calls and client meetings, with co-working spaces offering special areas for these inevitable work interactions.

Collaboration and opportunities through Adelaide co-working spaces

Your co-working community can also equate to making valuable business connections you can directly work with (instead of hiking across town for that follow-up brief meeting) or maybe even funnel work your way. They also can, and most likely will, assist you in finding the right contact or business to outsource important work to, making life that little bit easier (and who doesn’t want a little less stress in their life?). Check out some of our driven “co-workers” here.

You can learn more about Vault 134 and what it’s like in our Hutt Street-based co-working space from our blog.

If you’re thinking of making a change to a healthier Adelaide work space and are keen to find a supportive working community, please get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!

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