Libby Trainor Parker

Libby Trainor Parker is many things to all people: writer, performer, speaker, teacher, parent, partner, business owner owner and health advocate.

Author of the forthcoming book Endo Days (Wakefield Press), Libby has been instrumental and successful in lobbying for funds and raising awareness for endometriosis learning and awareness programs.

Diagnosed later in life with endometriosis and adenomyosis after a lifetime of mystery, Libby now dedicates her life to advocating for people with illness so they can be diagnosed, treated, and live a full life.

Libby is a popular MC and speaker, and can also be seen on stage as an award-winning cabaret performer and stand up comedian.

Available to speak at your event, run workshops or consult on health and wellbeing, Libby Trainor Parker brings education, knowledge, lived experience and a healthy dose of humour to everything she does.

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