The Big Picture of Pelvic Pain presented by Dr. Susan Evans

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Wednesday the 12th of June 2019

Tickets $10

Dr. Susan Evans

Women with period pain and endometriosis often have a wide range of different pains, and symptoms. 

These might include any, or all, of period pain, stabbing pain, bowel pain, bladder symptoms, food intolerances, vulval pain, sexual pain, fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, low mood, nausea or dizziness. No wonder they find it so confusing and, sometimes, distressing.

Gynaecologist, Pain Medicine Physician, and Endometriosis expert Dr Susan Evans will talk about how all these symptoms fit together, what they mean and which treatments work best for each one.

Dr Evans will also answer any questions you have about Pelvic Pain.

Hosted by Vault 134, The Big Picture of Pelvic Pain is an excellent opportunity to hear about how to manage your illness and ask questions.

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