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Music: In Theory is a practical and accessible workshop on the theory of music. Designed to suit beginner musicians, or those who have forgotten or never studied theory, join accomplished multi-instrumentalist Pearl Tizzie in a non-judgemental space with loungeroom vibes where you can gain tools to perform, produce and create.

Divided into two halves, the first part kicks things off with The Y-Axis, looking at the why of music theory and how we can use tools to create. The y axis of the musical staff shows us the pitch and we’ll discuss the 12 notes, scales, and venture into modes, chords and progressions.

Then we explore ‘X Factor’ of music theory through the X-Axis. Often we think of rhythm and pitch as the two most important aspects of music, but there are many more elements that contribute to creating a tune. The Y-Axis also focuses on rhythm, and how we can use it to spice up our music.

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3 hour duration

Saturday 27 November

2.00 - 5.00pm

134 Hutt Street, Adelaide

Limited parking on site

$25 per person per workshop

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