What's it like to work at Vault 134 co-working space on Hutt Street, Adelaide?

When Libby, Matt and Amy started Vault 134 on Hutt Street, they wanted a colourful, vibrant space from which to run their businesses Expressions Media, Upside Adelaide and Amy Who.

Vault 134 is a Renew Adelaide space, which used to be an old National Australia Bank. It had been vacant for a few years and was a blank canvas.

Naming the space after the hefty, yet handsome, old bank vault in the building, the trio set about creating their co-working community ready for creative people to come and work with them.

Soon three became four with the addition of Rhetoric PR, four became five with Elephant Films, and hot-deskers like Blurbology and Ambitious Tribe came in to build our community.

Then there was a pandemic.

But once the skies started to clear, restrictions started to lift and people needed to get out of the house, Vault 134 was reborn with a whole stack of incredible new co-workers to join the dynamic team.

Hey Boss, w_i_b_e_r_g, Peta-Anne Louth, Nat Rogers Photography, Monski Mouse, Emma Bedford and Media Faction have recently set up shop at Vault 134.

But what's so great about working at Vault 134 co-working space in Adelaide?

“Having a permanent city office has been the single best business decision I have made. I love the flexibility of being able to work from home, but I am so much more productive without the distractions that working from home brings,” Amy Hourigan of Amy Who says.

“The Vault has really helped me professionally, particularly with the advice, sense of community and interaction with other women I have found while working there,” Nat Rogers of Nat Rogers Photography says.

"Working at Vault allowed me to connect with a community of supportive, smart, sassy business people, who inspired me to push myself at a time of extreme challenge," Monica Corduff Gonzalez (AKA Monski Mouse) says.

“Vault 134 has been wonderful to get out of those post Covid slumps and work with similar-minded people. Furthermore, I've been able to create new connections and to collaborate in a flexible, warm and engaging space. Oh and the tea and biccies,” Peta-Anne Louth says.

If you are keen to be in a positive, encouraging co-working environment with like-minded creatives (who are also biscuit connoisseurs), get in touch with us to organise a tour and book a hot desk.

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